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Bass Line #1: Everything Everything – Schoolin’

So here is the premiere of a new feature on Music in Notes!

I’ve been playing bass since the summer of 2010. I noticed it before of course but now that I actually play the instrument, I’m definitely more cognisant of the importance of a bass line in a song. Bassists are often the unsung heroes of a rock band, since they’re not so obviously physically throwing themselves into the music like a drummer does, and depending on the band, chances are they’re not up front either. Each Wednesday I endeavour to focus your attention to a gem of a song made even better with an amazing bass line.

Today’s entry is Everything Everything‘s ‘Schoolin”. The bass line is fabulous throughout, but especially during the bridge, when it’s a sexy walk up and down the fretboard. When I listen to it on my mp3 player, I know I look funny, moving my head to the rhythm. I’m not even going to try and learn this, unless my friend Jeremy Pritchard offers to teach it to me himself! Listen to the track and watch the video below.