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SXSW End Girl(s)

There’s no analysis this week because I’m physically and mentally exhausted. (Sorry.) My horoscope (yes, don’t judge) says I’ve been pushing myself too hard on my SXSW 2014 projects. (I’m not even going to go into what else is happening in my life, because it would take too long and you would be bored to tears.) But in my mind, all these things have to get done, and be done well ahead of the event that is only 2 months away now, and with my perfectionist streak, it’s all very difficult and all AUGHHHHHH right now.

I have discovered many great bands I’d not otherwise known about, so SXSW as an entity for artist discovery is doing its job (go look at the list, it is massive), it’s just exhausting me in the process. I already had this week’s song for analysis picked out, but I can’t bring myself to write it right now. So off to bed I go. Hope to pick things back up next week when I have some more time for myself.

Anyway, thought you might like a bit of Pet Shop Boys in place of a song analysis. (I know, doesn’t have quite the same effect, does it?) Not sure why they came to mind tonight as I write this. I’ve always liked the way this song sounds, and maybe it was because when I first heard it, it was such an alien sound, which seemed to fit my then reality that I would never see the West End of London. Or any of England, really.

But that’s the funny thing about reality: it’s always changing. So never give up on your dreams.